Yay - a new modest clothing site!

So obviously I've been entering giveaways lately. I never win anything, but I still think they're fun & I've found the cutest stuff - including the new shop Mikarose, which carries some beautiful, modest dresses. Yay!

Just For Me & You is hosting a $60 giveaway to Mikarose's shop...go check it out!

And let me borrow your dress if you win. ;)


Andrea D. said...

Hi Katie, I like your blog, great picture of you and your husband. I found your blog by doing a google alert search. I am LDS, a fashion designer and am researching how people feel about modest clothing, is it still hard to find..., what's the outlook like, etc. I only have a placeholder site up. www.LegacyDesignStudioUSA.com I'll let you know when I'm all the way "up" if you'd like. Have a nice day!

Bob Clifford said...

Modest clothing options are critical. Here is another one to check out for more formal needs or a friend's temple wedding.

Thanks for looking!