Miscellaneous Friday afternoon thoughts

*Just got back from BW3's. And that made me miss Gretel. Boo.

*Being with 16 people makes for a looooong lunch. It took us two hours to get essentially all lunch specials & our checks. But our waitress rocked it.

*I've discovered that when I'm in a big crowd like that, I tend to sit back & let others talk. Especially when you're with, say, 15 guys + 1 girl (all coworkers) who are either chatting about football or engineering. Zzzzzz.

*I'm gloomy today. The rain & dreariness is really affecting my mood. I'm happy to get some mom & dad love this weekend. (And happy early b-day, Daddio!)

*I am an antibiotic/Mucinex/Excedrin-lovin' fool today.

*I guess it's good it's raining, because then there's an excuse for my pathetic hair.

*I'm so happy I found a passable nail file in my purse. Otherwise, I would have chewed all my nails off. (Two had ragged edges, & I bit them to smooth them out, and then that started an OCD frenzy of getting all my nails to match. I know I'm weird.)

*I wish I had some chocolate. Or some change for the vending machine. Bad Katie.

*I think the entire town has checked out. I know my office has. No one is working. How can we?! It's Friday, gloomy, sleepy-time. Got to rest to endure the frustration that will inevitably be the Miami/Tech game tomorrow. Sigh...

*I've never seen a college town so nuts about their football team. I don't think BYU or the U were this bad. I'm serious.

*Last night, J & I went to a lecture by Dr. Abercrombie (I think) from some university hospital in SC. Apparently they let some of their residents do international medical missions/residencies. The idealist part of me really wants Jared to do this, and then we can go live overseas for a year. The practical part thinks - if I'm a raising a kid by then, I'm not sure I want to live near poisonous snakes & stuff. I'm just sayin'.

*Out of about 30 people total in my company, 5 guys' wives are expecting between next Tuesday & next March. Sheesh - a baby boom wherever I go!

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