Finally gonna do it...

I'm finally going to start a new blog. More to come. But I likely think I'll just transfer all the links & stuff I've had here & turn it over there. (I meant to do this when I got married, but I got a little side-tracked last year & then this year, with J's med school acceptance, our move & me having to find a new job, I've been a little preoccupied. Things are slowing down now.)

This will mean for those of you who actually follow me - that you need to switch loyalties to the new site, once I've got it set up, and for those of you who gave me permission to your private sites, I might need them again. We'll see.

Any ideas for an awesomely fabulous name? I'm trying to play off the last name "Harrison" since I want to make it more of a family blog, although it'll likely still just be written by me (& since Jared never checks his email, so I highly doubt he'll blog anything). I'm also up for other fun or wacky names or ideas. No direction to this blog, just my same randomness for now.

Stay tuned...

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