Day with Grandma Norma

Yesterday we spent time with Grandma Norma down in Norfolk. She was expecting mom & dad, and then Jared & I popped out of the car & gave her quite a surprise! :) We figured we'd go see her one more time before we move, because it's likely we won't see her again until Christmas. (The 2-2 1/2 hour drive will now become a ~5 hour drive...)

We had lunch to celebrate father's day. Cheesecake Factory - YUM! You know when I get a hold of the camera, hijinks will ensue...

We're nuts.

Grandma & me. I love her.

Did I mention I'm insane???

This would have been a cute picture, but then Jared started pouting...

And we got slap-happy, waiting for the food.


Cute parentals.

Dad was chewing...

Dad & mom (dad, mid-chew)

More silliness.

Mom didn't want Jared to keep leaning his head, so he leaned it as far as possible. Smart aleck.


Yay lunch with Grandma!


Teresa said...

And a good time was had by all!!

So glad you & J went with us. G'ma LOVED it.


Melody said...

You are so fun. ;)