Funny sayings Jared heard this semester...

So this semester, Jared worked at the YMCA & heard some pretty hilarious things from the kids he tutored/babysat/etc. I wanted to share a few of them, because I thought they were funny. (Credit for the idea goes to my friend Kelly, who collects cute things her kids say.)

"Mr. Jared, I think my butt has a hot allergy." 
(Luca on why his bottom was uncomfortable after riding in a hot school bus)

"Mr. Jared, when I get big, I want to be a coconut."
"Why, Aidan?"
"Because they're full of milk and hairy."

"Mr. Jared, when you tell me not to play with the tadpoles, it makes me feel bad inside."
(Sad Carrie, when she didn't get to explore the tadpole pool)

"Mr. Jared, earthworms are lucky."
"Why, Peyton?"
"Because they get to eat their food over & over again."
"That's pretty gross, Peyton."


Amber Lanae- said...

Jared told me the coconut one on Friday...It was pretty hilarious! I love kids! I babysat the Thompson girls Saturday and Ava was really upset because she didn't want to go to sleep. I said, "Ava you need to try to sleep cause you are tired." She responded with, "I'm not tired Amber! I'm just....tired." I had to hold back my chuckles until I left the room.
Love you Chick-a-dee

Melody said...

Awesome! P.S. I love your new blog look and fun header. You guys are so cute.

G Sauce said...

those are cute and little gross!