VCOM visit

A few weekends ago, J & I had the opportunity to go down to Blacksburg for his orientation at VCOM. It was awesome! The people there were so friendly & welcoming, & I got really excited about moving there. We also had a chance to spend time with Ryan & Nicki Watson, son & daughter-in-law of family friends Ed & Pat Watson, who live here in Richmond. They were awesome to hang out with & great hosts. It's nice to already know someone in the area (though they live in Radford & are trying to get us to move there too). :) I made Jared take a few pictures in front of the school. What can I say-I'm a picture-takin' fool! :)

Signage out front

Posing for the camera

The main building

A cheesy grin/laugh before he comes up to grab the camera (literally!)

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Anonymous said...

he looks like a mafia brother in that top pic...love you! (it's nora, btw)