And some more...

Grandma at 85

Aunt Dot & Grandma Norma 

The awesome hippie family (before me & Ginnie came along)

Me :)

My mom's favorite aunt, Aunt Mary Frances & mom :)

Grandpa Jim Avera & Josh. They were the best of buds. Grandpa died in 1996, & we all miss him a lot. (Mom found a lot of pictures of him in this orange chair, his favorite.) :)

Ginnie ("I'm a little teapot...")

Mom's hs senior picture. What a babe!

Grandma Norma & me. We're the best of buds!

Mom as a little girl. Look how cute she is!!


Amy said...

Hey! totally unrelated to your post:-) I grew up with the shorters... And how do you know the watsons? such a small world! anyways, John is a 2nd year... and nobody really LIKES it, but its OK;-) we are looking forward to boards this summer and rotations next. the first 2 years are boring... where are you guys moving? have you found a place? If you need someplace to stay while you come visit, let us know! (and you can email me amyhschwartz@aol.com if you ned help w/ anything! we are always excited to meet more VCOMer's!)

Ginnie said...

Hurray! I love these. And I love the saying on your shirt... "Angel in Disguise." Hee hee!