Phi Beta Kappa

I'm so proud of my husband. (Yes, I know-I'm gushing. But he never gets on the computer, so I figure it's okay to do so occasionally on this very public forum.) Not only is he incredibly kind & compassionate & talented, but he's one smart cookie. This was evidenced recently when the University of Richmond invited him to be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, an elite honor society & fraternity for said smart cookies.

I wasn't exactly sure what Phi Beta Kappa was, so I looked it up:

"Five students at the College of William and Mary founded Phi Beta Kappa in 1776, during the American Revolution. For over two and a quarter centuries, the Society has embraced the principles of freedom of inquiry and liberty of thought and expression. Phi Beta Kappa celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. Its campus chapters invite for induction the most outstanding arts and sciences students at America’s leading colleges and universities. Only about 10 percent of the nation's institutions of higher learning have Phi Beta Kappa chapters.Only about 10 percent of the arts and sciences graduates of these distinguished institutions are selected for Phi Beta Kappa membership.The ideal Phi Beta Kappan has demonstrated intellectual integrity, tolerance for other views, and a broad range of academic interests. Each year, about one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa shows commitment to the liberal arts and sciences, and to freedom of inquiry and expression — and it provides a competitive edge in the marketplace. Potential employers regularly contact the national office of Phi Beta Kappa to confirm the membership of job seekers who have listed Phi Beta Kappa among their credentials."

As such, here be pictures of Jared's induction (most likely, way more than he'd ever care to see):
Inductees waiting outside

U of R chapel where the induction ceremony took place
(Isn't the architecture beautiful?)

Entertaining myself while waiting for the ceremony to begin

More beautiful chapel architecture

Patient mom & dad

A very blurry Jared receiving the secret PBK handshake ;)

Handsome inductee (top right corner)

The 2009 spring inductees of the Epsilon Chapter

A happy but tired Jared. It had been a long day for him.

Mom & Dad & Jared. So proud of their son-in-law! :) (And so ready to EAT!)

Outside Jared's science building. I was getting blown away. Admittedly, a little dramatic about it. (Don't you love the look on Jared's face that says, "look what I put up with?!) :)
A more serious but happy picture.

Posing in the chapel.
(I really do need to work on my posture...)

Going in for a smooch!

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Kelly M said...

Congrats Jared- that is awesome! Gush away, Katie, gush away. :) You picked a good man- and you so totally deserve him.