Chorale practice

Mom & dad, Marie (my mom-in-law) & Jared & I are all involved in the Richmond Mormon Chorale, a multi-stake choir that uses every fall to work up Christmas numbers & every spring to work up some sort of missionary program. This spring, we're working on "From Cumorah's Hill," which we've done before - & I love the program.

The weirdest part is, though, that I can't currently sing. I got sick in Denver back in early March & the side effects are odd...it's somehow messed up my vocal cords. I can't sing much above 2nd alto right now, which is so weird for me. I'm trying my hardest not to speak much & rest & do all the homeopathic stuff I know, to no avail. It's interesting being on this side of things when I've been involved in music for so long...

Anyway, I took some time out at the very end of this past Sunday's practice to snap a few pictures of Jared's song as he sang with the "prophets." The pictures aren't very good, but it was interesting to watch. (I hate to admit Donna & Troy are right, but you really do look better on stage when you overact. Shoot! All that stuff they taught me in choir about never moving was wrong!!! :) )

Cute husband & the group of "prophets"

Donna & Troy critiquing

A really dark shot of J singing...

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