Christmas was nice & small this year. I felt very loved when Jared made me an awesome scrapbook of pictures of our almost past-year together (we got engaged January of 2008). It was funny too, because he found fitting captions for a lot of goofy pictures we've taken. I love you, babe!

Christmas was also funny because I knew - and so did my brother, Scott - that mom & dad were planning on buying each other refurbished ipods for each other. What a funny treasure hunt (our typical last present) for each of them when they opened that present! :) I couldn't stop laughing.

As for Jared & me, we got some much needed stuff for our new place when we move out this summer, the most of exciting of which for me was some badly-needed tupperware & a cake-decorating kit, which I'm excited to break into.

Jared's favorite present I got him was this t-shirt. He loves Star Wars, so this shirt was hilarious to him. He wore it all that day.

Mom & dad like to go walking a lot, but it gets super dark out here in the country, so she found these reflective hats online. I thought this picture was hilarious with the flash.

Jared's "bow beard."

Mom & dad opening their mutual ipods (with mom beginning to laugh in disbelief)

And mugging for the camera

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