Christmas with Gin, Chad & Cameron

The day after Christmas, my sister Ginnie, her husband, Chad & their son Cameron came back from Lynchburg where they had spent Christmas with his family to spend the rest of their vacation with us. (Chad flew back to Wisconsin the next day & Ginnie & Cam are staying with us until mid-January while Chad studies for his prelims so he can officially start his dissertation. Good luck, Chad!) It was fun watching them open presents-I love giving people presents, just to watch them open them, although I think Cam was a little overwhelmed from opening them initially. He warmed up to it after a little while, though.

Ooh - nail polish! (Unsure how happy Chad is with his little boy liking nail polishes. Maybe Ginnie's little kid in her tummy will be a girl & it'll be all good???)

Opening stockings

Cameron enjoys working the lotion

Smiling for the camera

Helping Grandma T empty a stocking

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