Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Jared, Mom, Dad & I went to the Harrisons to join in their annual Christmas Eve Passover dinner, where they have a traditional Jewish feast. Afterward, we drove around, looking at tacky lights & singing Christmas carols. It was a lot of fun, although I wished Ginnie, Chad & Cameron could have been there (as well as Melody & Nora, who were all spending time with their families this year...oh well, there's always next year, maybe!).

Dad rackin' 'em up. Apparently he loves pool. Who knew?

Possibly my two favorite guys in the world.

I love this picture of my parents. (Even if it is a little fuzzy.)

Joseph & Jared LOOOOOVE their mom's egg nog. It tastes more like vanilla bean ice cream to me than actual egg nog...

Tacky lights tour in the neighborhood where my grandma lives. How would you like this down the street from your house? I think I'd move.

I think my favorite thing about this picture is how Jared's thumb looks lit up by the headlight. :)

Cheese. :)

I don't normally consider myself a "green-let's-save-the-planet" energy type of person (I mean, I think we should focus on health care & ending world hunger & poverty & homelessness & oh so many other issues first--ok, I'll save that for another post, I guess), but all I could think when I saw this was, "Sheesh! What a waste of energy & money." Am I a grinch or what? :)

But I did think this Santa was kinda cute.

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