My funny nephew

Cameron's a funny kid. And my sister has done such a good job with him. I give Chad credit too, but Ginnie spends a lot of time teaching him & training him. It's neat to see him learning to talk & imitate. He's so obedient & thoughtful. When she asks him to say thank you & please, he responds. When she tells him no, even though he might frown or not like what she has to say, for the most part, he'll stop what he's doing because his mom asked him to stop. I'm pretty impressed with my little nephew! I'm including some funny pictures of him on here because he's made me laugh quite a bit over the last few days. I'm really going to miss his sense of humor when they go back, and miss Ginnie's company too. But it's been great having them here while they're here! :)

Ginnie & Cam - eating at the table like a big kid!

Helping Grandma T cook in her old-fashioned apron (his solemn expression made me laugh out loud).

He loves it when I come home from work & take off my shoes. He was pretty determined to make it into my high heels & walk around. The only ones he hasn't figured out yet, with good reason, are my knee-high, three-inch high boots.

Yessss! The sit & spin. This one is super awesome because it lights up AND plays music.

So Cam is fascinated with glasses because neither Gin or Chad wear glasses, but I do about half the time & Mom & Dad wear them to read now. So mom found an old reading pair & took the lenses out. I nearly died when Cameron put his play glasses on & started laughing & pushing them up his nose. So scholarly of him! :)

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