Happy Thanksgiving

A Gratitude List
I have so much to be thankful for, so here's a small list, in no particular order:
--My awesome, funny & entertaining husband, Jared
--My sweet parents
--My caring parents-in-law
--My siblings
--My best friend, Ginnie
--My new siblings-in-law, who are all entertaining
--The Gospel
--The Savior
--The opportunity to start anew each day
--That I have a job (even if I complain about it sometimes)
--Great friends
--My health & strength
--Material wealth
--This country
--The beauty of this earth - I am struck by it particularly this season in Virginia. I guess I love nature more than I thought!
--Animals, especially dogs :)
--Laughter & humor - the lighter side of life
--Family times together
--My ancestry
--My parents' example of hard work
--My sister & sisters'-in-law examples of mothering
--My families' examples of service, charity & testimonies
--Dancing around/acting silly
--Chocolate, baking, cooking, creativity, & general creating
--Learning & growing each new day
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Melody (and the boys) said...

You are cute. I'm thankful for you, cutie-head! Love you.