Music always uplifts me, often when I least expect it.

I was feeling pretty low this morning, from a bad "case of the Mondays" ("Office Space" reference here) yesterday & couldn't be satisfied with any music on the radio this morning. I pushed my cd button & found my BYU Singers cd in there. (Now, for those of you who know me, I normally scorn most BYU groups because of the amazing Mads group I was in at Godwin, but BYU Singers is pretty phenomenal...).

Anyway, I love this song & today, it gave me hope.

"Hold On"

What you've got to do is
Finish what you have begun,
I don't know just how,
But it's not over 'til you've won!

When you see the storm is coming,
See the lightning part the skies,
It's too late to run-
There's terror in your eyes!
What you do then is remember
This old thing you heard me say:
"It's the storm, not you,
That's bound to blow away."

Hold on,
Hold on to someone standing by.
Hold on.
Don't even ask how long or why!
Child, hold on to what you know is true,
Hold on 'til you get through.
Child, oh child!
Hold on!

When you feel your heart is poundin',
Fear a devil's at your door.
There's no place to hide-
You're frozen to the floor!
What you do then is you force yourself
To wake up, and you say:
"It's this dream, not me,
that's bound to go away."

Hold on,
Hold on, the night will soon be by.
Hold on,
Until there's nothing left to try.
Child, hold on, There's angels on their way!
Hold on and hear them say,
"Child, oh child!"

And it doesn't even matter
If the danger and the doom
Come from up above or down below,
Or just come flying
At you from across the room!

When you see a man who's raging,
And he's jealous and he fears
That you've walked through walls
He's hid behind for years.
What you do then is you tell yourself
To wait it out
And say it's this day,
Not me,
That's bound to go away.

Child, oh hold on.
It's this day, not you,
That's bound to go away!


Kelly M said...

That's from the musical "The Secret Garden," one of my faves! Love it! Thanks for boosting me today too. . . I was up too much last night between 3 sick kids and needed this reminder. :) You're the best!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my all-time favorites from the BYU Singers! I think everyone experiences similar feelings (to this) at one time or another. Life can be so exciting & challenging but we've been told we'll never be given more than we can bear.

Love you,