Reality TV

I don't want to like it. But I get sucked in.

Case in point - Project Runway. Possibly THE most boring season thus far. But I still can't help watching it.

Maybe I need to see a doctor...???


Martha said...

This IS the most boring season of Project Runway! Thank you. Stella drives me nuts, the guy that always talks about himself in third person( "Suede rocked it!), what's up with that??

I really want Kenley to win, but I don't think she has that much of a personality.

Bored, I'm just bored.

But, speaking of reality show guilty pleasures, I love Beauty and the Geek. I don't know if there is another season, but I have always had a soft spot in my cold heart for it.

Nora and Adam said...

i hear you on this one, katie. my girlfriends and i get together every wed. to watch, eat, and comment:)
love you!