Happy Birthday Ginnie!

Happy 26th Bday to my best friend & sister, Ginnie!

Cute Ginnie

Loving mother

Best friend

Fun to be around

Reasons I love Ginnie (in no particular order):

--She loves to dance (& is dang good at it, too!)
--She is smart & talented
--She listens to me whine
--She can look at me from across the room, & we both know what the other is thinking
--She calms me down
--She's a good example of charity & service
--She's spiritually inclined & close to Heavenly Father
--She's stinkin' fun to hang around
--She'll let me buy her presents/shop for her
--She motivates me to be better
--She's adventurous in ways I am not
--She's SO musically talented
--She is friendly & makes people feel at ease
--She is a good mother - patient, kind, but still firm when she needs to be
--She is compassionate & loving towards others
--She emails me & keeps me entertained
--She is determined - she resolves to do something, and she does it! (E.g., the Biggest Loser family contest!)
--She is beautiful & strives to keep herself looking good
--She can be pretty funny when she wants to be!
--She's my best of the bestest, has known me for as long as I can remember (& she can too), and still loves me anyway.

Happy Birthday, Boo! I wish I could be in Wisconsin with you. Have a good day - & go out & spend your Old Navy money! I love you.


Ginnie said...

Sniff! Thanks for the list. I love and miss you, too. I'll have to send you some better pics, though. Yikes!

shortino said...

umm... I won the biggest loser contest!!!!

Leakeyroof said...

I didn't say she WON...just that she did it, wholeheartedly. As did her fantastic & amazing husband, Chad. (How's that for sucking up???)

Suzie Soda said...

I love Ginnie too..she is awesome. Happy Birthday!