High School Reunion

My high school reunion was last week. I think.

I decided, ultimately, not to go. For starters, it was a bit more expensive than my poor, newly married bank account could afford. Secondly, it was at a winery. I don't have a problem with people drinking in general (shoot, we're all adults now), but it just seemed an odd choice, given that drinking alcohol is not my thing. Also, those people I've wanted to keep in touch with from high school - well, I have. Or I have reconnected with them (thank you, Facebook!).

Don't get me wrong - high school was good, to an extent. Sure, I longed to get out & explore & become an adult, & sometimes now I look back & wonder if I would have been so eager had I known the challenges I would face & the confusion I would feel in college. (But that's another post.) But I just feel SO different as a person than I was back then (although I'd like to think of myself as a cool person then & now). I would hope we're all pretty different now - more mature, more forgiving of others' - more laid-back & happy about life in general. So reminiscing about angst-filled teenage days didn't really make me excited all that much.

Now, ask me about attending my 20th, and I might have a different answer for you then...


Kelly said...

Mine was a few weeks ago- the weekend after Dallin was born. I was happy to be having a baby and have that legit excise to not go. I wasn't really all that interested either! :)

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Amen to all of that.I chose not to go to mine for the very reason that the tickets were so high because of the open bar. Not much changed I hearf rom my friend--I am going to wait until they are all frumpy w/ kids and settled down. However I would have loved an excuse to come back East!