My bday dinner

So I've had a relapse of viral/walking pneumonia. I started feeling kind of tired, achy, and sore-throaty again on Saturday night of last week, and by Wednesday, I was coughing and hacking all over again. Sigh. Such a nice bday present. But I was determined we would go out for dinner, since it was my bday, so we went to Bertucci's, a relatively new Italian place in the West End. So yummy!

Me and the parents

Mom didn't like this picture, because she said she could (and I quote), "see up my nose."

So I tried again (albeit with more fish-like results this time).

I was complaining that dad never smiles in pictures anymore, so mom was trying to force him to smile, and this is the shot I got. (They'll probably both kill me later for putting it up here. Oh well.)

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