November 14th

Why today is yucky:
-Massive headcold (thereby setting me back on the recovery road from pneumonia) :P
-Have to be at work - Boo, Hiss!

Why today is awesome:
-Beautiful flowers sent to me by mom and dad
-Sunny & warm outside
-It's my BIRTHDAY, folks! :)

I'm a grand 27. I was musing on this the other day, and Ginnie said, "Wait, I thought you already were 27..." Thanks a lot, Boo. :) And happy early bdays to my fellow November family members Chad and Aunt Sharon. (And past November happy bdays to Jaelyn and Emily T.)

I have a lot to be grateful for...
-My family
-The Gospel
-Beautiful VA
-Good friends
-Education (such as it was, but I'm grateful for it)
-My life's experiences thus far
-Health & wealth (I know I'm whiny about both sometimes, but I know I've got it good)
-A lot of silly things I love (that make my days happy), like: chocolate, books, music, movies, a good warm fire, traveling, long walks and hikes, puppies, babies, and probably a lot more that will get boring for you to read.

Sorry to wax semi-philosophical here, but I tend to look around at my life on my birthday (not on New Year's)...

So, accordingly, my year 27 Resolutions:
-More service
-Draw closer to the Savior
-Go on a vacation somewhere!
-Stop worrying so much.

(I'd add get into shape and lose 8 billion pounds, but that never comes true anyway. Plus, I love me some chocolate too much. :))


Ana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Ahh.. to be a young 27 year old again...

Joeyjones.tv said...

Happy Birthday

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Sweet Katie- You and my sweet Sterling share the same birthday! We had some cake for you and I am sure he would love to share his fake food and toy kitchen with you-he's giving that way! I have to defintely agree about the beautiful Virginia comment (but add maryland on too!) Happy birthday!
Alicia and fam

Kelly said...

Katie! I didn't get to reading your blog until today- happy late birthday! :) You are awesome!