Whit and Nate's reception

I felt like death, but I was pretty determined to go to Whit and Nate's reception last night, even if it was for only a little bit. It was fun to see people - kind of an odd Gayton ward/singles ward/Whitney's friends from school reunion. But it was nice to see people, since I've been cooped up in the house for the past month. And it was nice to scare people away with the power of my coughing in their faces, as well. >:) And I love Whitney and Nathan - some of the best people I know. So laid back and down to earth. I wish them the best. :)

The newly happy married couple - very hungry when I got there!

Gretel and I like each other. She ain't afraid of no sickies.

Jess is such a picture hog. ;)

G and Nate

Nate and Reese

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