Whatever happened to decorum?

We need more civility. That means you, Serena, Kanye & Joe Wilson.

I am so tired of people in the limelight thinking they can act a certain way because of their status. (And, for that matter, some everyday, average Joe people acting the same way - rude.) Maybe it's time we stop acting like we deserve everything & start being grateful - and respectful - for what we have. Just a thought.

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Teresa said...

Yeah maybe Joe Wilson's outburst was a little outrageous but personally I would like to see more Parliament-type behavior in the US House. They already stab each other in the back; why not tell each other (face-to-face) how they really feel? And it's certainly not the first time members of Congress have called each other out. I think a president has to earn respect & so far I can't see where he's earned anything.