More random links for your enjoyment

To stay busy at work. Or look busy, whichever comes first.

Lovely Listing - odd finds in real estate.
Gifts for babies of nerds. Jared would be soooo excited by the science cards. (You think I'm kidding, but I'm not.)
Foreign concepts to incoming college freshmen. I feel old. OLD!
Ewwww! I'm totally eating iceberg lettuce & water from now on.
An article about misheard lyrics. Too funny.
Awkward Family Photos. Because we've all been there.
A site devoted to telling you when is the best time to use the bathroom during a movie, so you don't miss much. (I've been waiting for this for years.)
Han Solo, P.I. (For those who remember Magnum, P.I. Pretty funny.)
Just in time for Halloween.

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