Today's Gratitude List

In no particular order...

*Husband. I just love him. (He is, at this moment, doing ridiculous Yoga poses. Dang those Harrisons & their innate flexibility!)
*Church. We had the Primary Program today & it was pretty fun. The kids all bore their testimonies about what they love about their families. A lot of it centered around food & games, but that's okay. :) I felt the Spirit so strongly at the end when the kids & congregation sang "How Firm a Foundation" (one of my very favorites). I got all teary thinking about how united we are as a congregation - indeed, as a worldwide Church - in the face of opposition & evil. I felt so strong in that moment, and it brought tears to my eyes! (And yes, I am a sap.)
*Cooking/baking. Lately it relieves such stress. I think it's because I've relaxed my attitude of perfection & having it done in five minutes. I just do the best I can, cook or bake away, & let the stress dissolve. I wish I'd discovered this years ago.
*My family. I love them a lot. It's so neat to know that I'm sealed & connected to them forever. (Jared's family, too. Our kids are going to be pretty lucky to have such fantastic grandparents & aunts & uncles on both sides.)
*My job. It's not the best job in the world, but it's a job. And in this economy, I'm so grateful for that. And we're able to live off my salary for right now, so it's awesome.
*My ward. People there are so incredibly sweet & kind. (I should also say my stake, because there are some fantastic people I've met in the Blacksburg & Radford wards too.)
*This time in my life. While I consider the future & look on the past, I am learning to just be incredibly grateful for this time - now. For the alone time Jared & I do get to spend together, for being able to be of service to others who need babysitters, help, etc., & for the independence I feel living here.
*The scriptures. This past week, the scriptures have brought me such peace. I love the Spirit I feel when I read them.
*Prayer. I've also been praying a little harder, a little more fervently, and I feel a little more comforted than I did even a week ago.
*This area. The New River Valley is so beautiful. I love this time of year & looking at the beautiful weather, mountains, & trees. I can't wait until the leaves change colors.
*Good books. I've been re-reading The Host & I love it. What an inventive idea...
*My girlfriends. I know that no matter where we are, or what we're up to, we can always catch up & it's like no time has passed. My sweet friend Jaelyn reminded me of that when we chatted this weekend. I love those girls so much & wish the best for them, always.
*My grandmothers & parents. They have such wisdom to offer, if I'll stop being stubborn & accept what they dole out. I love you guys!


Teresa said...

I LOVE a kid who is grateful!!! Thank you too Katie for showing more wisdom than many young women your age -- you're awesome.


G Sauce said...

Yeah why didn't you discover that whole baking thing when we lived together? I would have supported the efforts! ;)