For Gretel...

Who is looking for a way to organize recipes.

Here are a few sites I've found:

*Cute, homemade cookbook kit
*Cookbook organizer software
*Poll of what readers use most
*Free online tool
*Scrapbook recipe organizer idea
*Pretty extensive cookbook software (includes more than just recipe gathering)

G, there are a lot of things out there - just do a search & you'll see what works best for you! Most online options cost money. Paper options can be free but it's also time-consuming to copy down recipes. (I myself like the scrapbook idea - that way, you can customize it anyway you want.)

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G Sauce said...

Wow some of those people are hardcore! I am just running out of room in my book and don't want index cards. I think I'll go for the scrapbook idea. Plus I lika to scrapbook anyways.

Thanks for the info!