Random Friday Thoughts

*I've almost finished prepping my lesson for primary on Sunday. It'll be straight-forward, with coloring & then a game. I'm pretty proud of it, but in the back of my mind, I can hear M's 6-year-old voice saying, "Are we gonna color AGAIN?!" And I'm reminded of when I taught the 5-year-olds nearly ten years ago. Why do I care what a 6-year-old thinks? For some reason, I do.

*I have a serious sweet tooth. And no willpower lately. Probably because I've been fighting a cold for awhile now (well, that explains the lack of exercising willpower). But the sugary stuff needs to stop, and soon. (How do you make yourself love fruits & veggies more, I ask? I have my favorites, but branching out doesn't work too well for me.)

*I have a cold. Oh yeah, I already said that. I'm eeking out the people in my office with my germs & scaring the husband at night with my every-fifteen-minute coughs (even though he says he's fine). I'm doing the Batman cough, I swear. (into the crook of the elbow...you get it, you smart reader, you.)

*It seems the less money I have, the more I want to buy things. Even though, in reality, I don't like shopping all that much. (It would be fun as a little kid to pick out things, but then, when I'd stand in line, an immense sense of guilt would overwhelm me. Still does, to this day.) But for some reason, since the wallet-stealing debacle, I can't stop dreaming about buying new lovely clothes & shoes online.

*One of my favorite people at work quit. And let me know some nerve-wracking things about my boss that I had been slowly figuring out, but didn't know quite the extent of yet. And now I'm nervous. Why must the majority of bosses I've worked for be legally insane? I've worked for Napoleon (literally), the devil & now this woman. She's actually not so bad as much as schizophrenic. ("I told you to do this..." when she never said it, or vice versa.) It's quite interesting to keep up with. I just keep telling myself that I'll be fine, to appreciate all the other awesome people who work here, & that, at the longest, I'll only be here for four years. After that, it's off to residency-land, wherever that may be.

*I want a dog. I know it's impractical, but I still want one.

*Jared says I'm trying to make him fat. (This would relate to the sweet-tooth above.) I tell him he's hindering my baking skills/practice, so to eat up. We're at an impasse.

*I know I'm a blue-type personality, but I aspire to hints of red & yellow too. Who doesn't want to be more assertive (in a good way), stand up for your own ideals, & have fun all the while? I'm trying to figure out how to make all these blend. In the meantime, I think my husband's pretty white. Or blue-white.

*I love my husband. Have I mentioned that yet? He's so kind & understanding of my grouchiness while I've been sick this week (& since losing my wallet last week). Poor man. He has a lot to deal with in a wife. Too bad he's stuck with me, and I'm so grateful!

*I love my family too. I'm wicked excited to see my dad & grandma for their birthdays. Even if it does involve quite a drive. (It's interesting - when I was in Utah, people would drive 4, 5, 6+ hours all the time to visit family, to go to Lake Powell, to Vegas, etc. Out here on the East Coast, we don't drive as much. At least in my family. And when I met some friendly Australians in the singles ward in London, I remember they were amazed we would even drive two hours or more to go on vacations on the weekends. They were a public-transit-type people. Which I highly advocate, by the way.)

This now concludes my rambling randomness for a Friday afternoon. Hope you have a good weekend...


Teresa said...

Thanks for your rambling ... it was fun getting to know you better (again):> Feel better soon!

Melody said...

Here are some fruit/veggie tricks:
-I think JoAnn Sullivan Moghimi uses veggie puree in brownies (supposedly you can't even taste the dif). You oughta facebook her. Do you know JoAnn?
-I have been tricking my little boy (and myself) into eating fruit with those freeze-dried fruits that we ate on our picnic (Fruit Crisps). Also, do they still make Apple Chips? They were all the rage about 15 years ago and came in flavors like caramel apple. I love those things. Also, I found that Welch's does these dried-fruit 100-calorie packs in fruit-snack style bits/portions in combos deemed "Tropical Sensation" and "Berry Blast," etc. Super yummy. I found them with the raisins at the grocery store.