The Bucket List

I'm not kicking the bucket, but I was thinking this morning about some longer-term things I want to do in life (before I, well, you know...kick the bucket.).
This is more a reminder to me than anyone else.

*Skydive (tandem, of course)
*Learn to sew
*Visit Brazil (Belem) with Jared
*Go back to Europe
*Become a runner (of sorts)
*Run a 5K (to any of you who know how much I hate running, this is an extremely long-term goal)
*Have kids (a feat in & of itself!)
*Learn - and converse in - a new language
*Own a home
*Learn to salsa & swing dance
*Learn graphic design & library science
*Visit more art museums
*Visit my family at least once a quarter, no matter where we end up (or where they are)
* Attend the temple at least once a quarter
*Learn to swim (& swim for exercise)
*Learn to mountain bike
*Learn to like & better manage finances (or at least not cry every time I pay bills) ;)
*Write a book or two or three


Martha said...

You cry when you pay bills, too? I am so normal! (I am an accountant, I shouldn't cry- but it is my money out the door, not someone else's!)

Teresa said...

Hey - I'd like some of those for my list also!

Kessa said...

I can help you set up finances - Quicken is a good program for tracking things.

I can also help you learn how to sew - I used to have my own costuming business at one time. I only refuse to help you make a Rev. War era captain's coat. 52 silver buttons and the corresponding buttonholes - my own personal seamstress hell. I made 8 of them!