Today's inspiring image

I found this breathtaking image here.

I love sunsets. Always have. Something about the way the sun lights the sky on fire has always fascinated, calmed & moved me.

Living in this part of Virginia has garnered some pretty spectacular sunsets, and I've been lucky enough to enjoy them on my way home from somewhere (work, church, a friend's house - wherever). I get lost in thought about how beautiful this earth is - and how amazing God is - when I stare up into such a picturesque image.

Isn't nature awesome? I find such great joy in scenes like these.


Niki said...

That is such a beautiful picture ~ I love sunsets too...so beautiful to look at when we are at the river with Cory's family. You can definitely add my blog if you want :) Hope you guys are doing well!!!

Teresa said...

It is wonderful when you can take time to be thankful for the simple (yet magnificent) things in life. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty all around.