I'll say it...

I'm a nerd. A super choir geek/nerd, actually.

My high school choir teacher, Ms. Matthews (I still cannot call her by her first name, even though I'm 10+ years out of high school now), is having a get-together for the Madrigals choir group I was in sophomore-senior years. I LIVED for choir. In fact, I still miss it. A lot. Is that nerdy? Probably.)

Ms. M 
(I totally stole this picture from her FB page...)

We're getting together to watch old videos of when we went to Austria - our choir was selected to represent Virginia in the Austrian Millennial Birthday Celebration. We had a fabulous time, and I was so happy to learn about how big & amazing the world is. And to see Mozart's place of birth, no less.


Some fun while in Austria...

Singing under the Golden Roof in Innsbruck
(Right before Kenny's solo out-blasted the approaching marching band! 

I didn't attend my high school reunion because I couldn't make up my mind about whether or not to go to talk to people who didn't really talk to me anyway. But I am beyond happy to see people who I spent such a huge amount of time with. And we're all grown up, married, parents & working stiffs, natch!

*All photos - except the one of Ms. M - are courtesy of one Ms. Rachael Joyner. Thanks, Rach, even though you don't know I stole the pictures just yet.*

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Kelly M said...

There's something about choir that bonds people together. My Grandma was a HS Choir director for 30 years and kept in touch with students who adored her for the rest of her life. She had a GIGANTIC 90th birthday bash a couple years ago and we (her family) were all shocked by how many students showed up. And then there was her funeral last year. She was sure loved- because there's just something about choir!