Some favorite pictures of my Wisconsin trip...

I had a good time in Wisconsin. It was so fun to be with my sister again, see my little boyfriend/nephew Cameron (who is having a somewhat difficult time adjusting to not being the baby anymore), Ginnie's crazy husband Chad, & the sweet, new little one, Charlotte. 

They're definitely in my prayers that sleep patterns will be reestablished & that sleep in general will come more abundantly & quickly...I, for one, am happy right now to be home & able to take not one, but two whole naps! ;)

Love them. Can't wait to see them at Christmas & see just how much Cam & Charlotte have grown. 


An extremely unflattering picture of me & a chunky one of Charlotte. 
She's so snuggly - I didn't mind her waking me up one bit.

My little yoga-practicing nephew!

Cam at the splash park.

Cute mom & Cam.

Funny boy.

Helping his dad tune the guitar.
Ginnie couldn't believe how chubby Cam's face looked in this shot. :)

Wearing a present from Kess (& no pants, incidentally. It was kinda hot.)

Beautiful Ginnie & Charlotte.

Making Charlotte smile...

And Gin got this awesome pose of me holding Charlotte, mid-yawn. 
It's so tough being 3 weeks old!

Cutie Charlotte.

Cute Cameron. 
He did NOT want his picture taken, thus the expression.

Tummy time!

Cam was actually eating here, but I caught it mid-shot, so it looks like a snarl.
Suffice it to say, Ginnie & I laughed for a few minutes over this one.


Teresa said...

So cute!!! Thanks for taking so many pics ... we all love them :>


Emily Marie said...

Charlotte and Cameron are definitely siblings! so cute!!! Glad you were able to go, that is nice and fun!

Suzie Soda said...

Looks like you had alot of fun and Ginnie was so glad to have you there. xoxoxo

The Sorensen Bunch said...


Ginnie said...

For cuteness...

Melody said...

Love these. All of them. P.S. Seriously, how can Gin look so pretty all the time? Even when she is a new/exhausted mom with a toddler AND a newborn??? Honestly.