Jared's bday

Because of my trip to Wisconsin to see my sister & her family, Jared & I did his birthday one day before his actual bday, and I've just gotten around to posting the pics now. 
I love my silly, fun, positive & loving husband! 

Happy belated 25th, Jared!
(You keep me young!) :)

After a yummy, yummy dinner at Olive Garden. 
Yummm...pasta calories. Yes please.

Obligatory crazy face shot.

Tissue paper attacking the hubby.

Another crazy face whilst in traffic.

Obviously, we're made for each other...
And I fear for the future children, who will have the crazy faces too. Ah well. There are worse things...


Teresa said...

Tell J - I'm glad he's keeping you (an old lady) young!!!!

Yo mama

Melody said...

Why you guys gotta be so cute all the time?! Geesh. Seriously, you guys make me miss the newlywed years big time. Glad you had a yummy time.