--I finished my job last Friday. Won't necessarily miss the job too much, but will miss the friends I made while there. Cathy, Paola, Erin, Carol, Kate, Lawasa & Becky are just the best people I've ever worked with. I hope we keep in touch!

--I had a job interview on Monday in Blacksburg for this little engineering company (when I say little, I mean about 20 or so people). They are SO nice. Fingers crossed.

--We're officially townhouse renters & have the best landlords ever, but don't move in until next week. (Couldn't get muscle until then.) As much as I love my parents & have enjoyed living here (& especially having mom as company when J's busy with school), I'm very excited to move out.

--Jared's family is coming into town this week for a family reunion! Pictures to come, I'm sure. I'm excited to see Mima, Pipo, Melody, Trent, Camden, Nora, Adam & Sammy. Should be very fun (& very hot) this weekend.

Sweet Harrison clan

--I hate packing. LOATHE it. I seriously hope we don't move during all of med school.

--I'm using L'Oreal Mineral makeup these days, because my skin was breaking out like crazy & I couldn't commit to the Bare Minerals just yet. I LOVE the mineral makeup. So far, so good!

--Thank you to everyone who has donated/given/lent us furniture to use. We appreciate it & know how blessed we are!!

--Mama-law & Papa-law (J's new names for my parents, so he suggested I use them for his) Harrison just got back from a trip to Capri. Their pictures are so beautiful. I was jealous! Maybe one day we'll be able to travel. (When I'm 60...)

--And possibly the best news...
I get to spend time with Ginnie when baby #2 (or pinky, as Shan calls her) arrives! I wasn't sure I'd be able to with work, but the company I interviewed with didn't think it would be an issue. Again, we'll see. (If I don't get a job, I'm going anyway.) I'm SO excited to see Chad, Gin, Cam & baby #2! (The name Kate-or any derivation thereof-is still an option, Ginnie...) ;)

Chad & cute Cam

My beautiful & pregnant little sister


Ginnie said...

Oh, you are much too nice to me. Can't wait to see you, too! I hope I'm not psycho from all the hormones! Don't be scared... really. :)

Lildonbro said...

Fun! I'm so sad that I didn't make it last night. I was feeling pretty sick all day so I stayed home in bed. I hope you had a lot of fun though!

The Sorensen Bunch said...

So can we steal you for awhile when we are expecting again?!! Never a dull moment in your life!!! I HATE moving, even across town...I hear you! Miss ya

Tabb and Michelle said...

Great update....your Mom and Dad are going to miss you so much!!! Post some photos of your townhouse soon.

Guess what...I'm taking British Lit this Fall. We're studying the Norton anthologies 1,2,3. I'm seem to remember that you love British Lit. Pray for me!!!

Amy said...

when are you actually moving in? we want you guys t come over for dinner and we were having a mini med school get together this sun (the 5th) will you be here by then?? email me at amyhschwartz@aol.com and let me know!!!