We found an an apartment!!!

(This looks similar, except ours is brick.)

A townhouse, actually.

I'm super excited...

Now I just have to find a job to fund said townhouse. Working on that. 

Busy, successful weekend. Looking at moving the 4th of July weekend. Could complicate some family plans, but really, it's the only time the majority of other family has time off to help us move, & I have HEAVY, grown-up girl furniture. Sigh. (I HATE being a wee girl. Even with these pumped up guns, I still can't budge things.) Maybe it's time for me to hire movers again?? Owning grown-up furniture stinks sometimes! Anyone want to own an extremely nice but extremely heavy armoire?!

On an exciting note, Jared graduates (finally) from UR this coming-up weekend & it's our 1-year anniversary! This year has flown by (but in a cool way, of course!). We have to postpone anniversary plans to at least two weekends from now because Jared & his brother Joseph are both graduating/walking this weekend & it's Mother's Day & then next weekend his brother Adam is graduating from William & Mary Law School, which we're so excited about! :) I'm so proud of all three boys...such smarties. I'm not sure what we'll do for our anniversary, only I think we'll go away somewhere not too expensive & not tell anyone for the weekend. :) Sneaky! Please pray I find something in the Blacksburg area...I've never had this hard of a time finding a job before...hopefully something will open up soon.

Signing off...

Oh, happy belated bday to Marisa...had a fun dinner with her & a bunch of people the other night...

And happy early bday to my little boyfriend & nephew Cameron - 2 year old on Cinco de Mayo! :)


Melody & Trent said...

Congrats on the town house! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the find!! I know you'll have fun decorating & turning it into something special for you & J.