In Memoriam

I'm typically not an overly patriotic person, but I've been thinking a lot this morning about our country, freedom, and more about how I would never, ever want to have to serve in the armed forces or have my loved ones do so. But how grateful I am to those who make that choice willingly. Especially my grandfathers, who each served in some capacity.

Happy Memorial Day...thank you to all of you who serve for our country. I know we all have our differences of opinion on how it should be run, but it still seems to me that this country is pretty great. I am so thankful for those who willingly put themselves in harm's way to defend its freedoms (even while we try to sort those freedoms out).

My grandpa Jim Avera (my mom's stepdad) with Josh as a little boy. They were really close.
I could only find one picture of one grandpa on here, even though all three (my mom's father, stepdad & my dad's dad) all served in some capacity. So I'll let Grandpa Jim serve as proxy today. :)
(By the way, Grandpa Jim was an amazing man. So much so, that Jared & I really like the name James for a little boy in the future, should we ever have one. Just a thought.)

Riding the whale. ;)

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