Adam's law school graduation

Last weekend, Jared & I had the opportunity to go to his brother's law school graduation at William & Mary, the nation's oldest law school. It would have been perfect, were it not for the downpour of rain & 50 degree weather, as the graduation was held outside, under a tent.

However, we didn't let that dampen (har, har) our spirits, & we trudged on to the "Sunken Gardens" (har har again - no, that really is what they call it there) for a graduation. I have to admit, the speaker was kind of lame - he spoke at length about how he was going to be brief, and then he told bad lawyer jokes & worked to disprove them for the better part of a half hour. Laaaaame. But it was exciting to see Adam graduate, & I was happy to be there for Adam & Nora & little Sammy. Afterwards, Nora put on a beautiful shindig at their apartment & made some yummy food. I'm excited for them & for their future. Adam starts work at TS in Norfolk (pronounced "Naw-fawlk" for you non-natives) in January, post-bar. 

Congrats Adam!

Adam & cute Sammy getting ready for graduation. 
(Sammy's so grown up!)

Adam & his parents. (I really like this picture.)

Jared & Adam. (I'm not sure what this expression was...)

Adam, Nora, Sammy, Papa & Granmy.

Adam, Nora & Sammy.
(I really like this picture too.)

Marie & Adam.

You know we had to get a crazy hand-held picture in here. 
(No one ever thinks to take a picture of the two of us, so I just resort to holding the camera myself. It's ok.) ;)

(I had actually straightened my hair, but the rain had other ideas for it.)

Nora's beautiful homemade decorations. I was so impressed by how much hard work she did. To me, it's a party if there's food, especially chocolate. :)

She made these cool little hanging balls - I can't, for the life of me, recall what they're called right now. They looked fantastic.

She also had fresh flowers everywhere. I love flowers.

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