A video of Cam

So when Ginnie & Cam were still in town, I noticed that my little digital camera can take videos. Cool! I'm not really a techie kind of a girl, but I aspire to be someday, so I tried taking a video of him. :)

This first video is Cameron singing along to "The Wheels on the Bus." He loved singing "Round, round, round..." and then "Townnnnnnnnnnn!" Then he would say "Yay!!!" at the end. (Side note: the kid is really good at figuring out when a song, prayer, etc. is over with. At my uncle Wesley's funeral a few weeks back, when dad & a few other men had finished singing in a quartet, it was dead silent, except for Cameron, who screamed out his version of Yay - "Ayyyyy!" to show appreciation. Hey, he just wanted to show his grandpa love.)


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Ginnie said...

I'm so glad you got this on camera so Chad could see it. Cameron won't do it anymore. Loved it!