New Year's Resolutions

I am forever coming up with goals...and forever punishing myself for breaking them. So, since I continuously check myself on my goals, I feel this is a good time to simply state what my goals are & that I will be evaluating & re-evaluating as I go along, throughout the year...

This year, I would like to learn to worry less. To live more simply & calmly. I feel this can be accomplished in good measure by the example of my husband, who lets a great majority of things roll off his back. My dad too. They both have good perspective on life in general. I hope to learn a lot from them. I think I can learn a lot from Jared's positive attitude & general love for others as well.

I'd also like to continue my quest on getting/staying in shape. I've made strides since being married to Jared in incorporating exercise & better eating habits into my life. So yeah, I'll work on that.

Finally, I want to work on my relationship with the Savior & grow closer to Him. I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. The Atonement has made such a difference in who I am, and it grounds me daily. I want to make sure I work on that daily progression.

I have other goals that are small, but these are my three over-arching goals. Long-reaching though they may be, I feel they're worthy ones to strive for! Now just pray that I can find a job in Blacksburg, an apartment & funding for our little family & schooling, & goal #1 will be considerably lessened... ;0)

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