Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yesterday, Dad, Mom, Jared, Joseph (Jared's brother) & I drove down to the Raleigh temple to do a session & meet up with Tabb & Michelle Clements, mom's best friends, for a late lunch, for mom's birthday. It was a LONG day filled with driving, squishing in the backseat of the car, & some missed directions (& I will admit to never being so happy to get out of the car), but it was a good day.

I felt so good about life in general. I think we worry about things too much (I know, I know - is this ME talking?!) & God just wants us to try the best we can & be happy. We need to know - & trust - that the Atonement of Christ will make up for the rest. I felt such peace at the temple yesterday, so the drive was worth it. :)

The Raleigh, NC Temple

Michelle & Mom

Blowing out the candles

Dad (I don't think he was particularly happy to be caught on camera, but heaven knows he's done this to me enough times...)

Birthday girl

Me & monkey lips husband

(In no particular order)

--She has taught me the value of hard work
--She is a spiritual giant
--Is kind & compassionate
--Is service-oriented
--Is adventurous
--Has had hardship in life & triumphed over it
--Has a firm testimony of the Gospel & shows that in who she is
--Is a true friend
--Is fiercely dedicated & loyal to her
--Celebrates life
--Loves music & art & beauty
--Is street smart, rational & practical
--Has taught herself so much & I admire that

I love you, mom, for these reasons & so many more! Happy Birthday! :)

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Anonymous said...

Shanks Toots -- yes, you successfully made me cry!!