Pictures from the Powers-Amos Family Reunion 2008

I haven't been to the Powers-Amos Family Reunion in a really long time. It was held this year over Thanksgiving weekend at the Monument LDS chapel & put together by Lora Watkins & emceed by Dad...thanks to all involved. I think it was really successful-albeit a bit long for my taste. (And thank you, oh thank you, Jared, to your dad & family for moving here. If I had stayed here much longer, it just supports my assertion that I might never have gotten married. I am pretty sure I'm related somehow to pretty much everyone in the greater Richmond area...)

Jason, Jared, Billy & Dad sing in a rather impromptu men's quartet that made most of the women cry (especially the older ladies-yesssssssss!)

Grandma speaking about her mother (or something to that effect, I think. I was pretty much ready to get out of here by this point. We had gone through each of the 21 kids by then.)

The Mills family doin' their thang.

Uncle Wesley & Aunt Dot.

The Scruggs & Powers clan hammin' it up for our amusement. :)

Maribeth & Dad

Daniel & Jared - too cool for school

You know you're related to everyone when you're related to the bishop (through marriage, but still, come on.)

We had a pretty good, large turn out.

Jared's a wee bit frightened of socializing with so many people! ;0)

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