One of my very favorite work buddies

My work had a baby shower for Erin, one of my very favorite people on earth. If you wrap up the sweetest, most giving, neatest, organized, kindest & down-to-earth people, you'd have Erin. And even then you can't hate her, because she's just too darn likeable. I kind of want to fold her up & put her in my pocket & take her home. One of those types. :0) She's one of my very favorites. I snagged a few pics & am excited to see if she has her Christmas baby boy (to be named "Andrew" - or, as I tease her, a girl, which horrifies her, because "everything is already painted blue!" I know, I know. I'm horrible.)

Opening presents

Guessing the candy in the diaper game (may I let it once more be known that I loathe this game, but at least it was not melted...oh yes, I have played this game where we had to smell it melted, thus rendering me temporarily nauseated & impervious to the normally sweet, sweet smell of all chocolate...how this saddened me)

Cutie pie Erin



Cute cake

"Must you get me with food?" (Yes, Erin. This is my joy in life. To catch people with food.)

And again.

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