More of my Bday

Day Two...

On Day Two, Jared & I met up with my parents, brother Scott & his wife, Heather, my cousin Kristen (who I haven't seen in FOREVER) & Joseph & my brother in law Adam & his wife Nora & had dinner at Bertuccis, which is hit or miss. I had tortellini which was yumma...

After that, the parents & Harrisons clan went to go see mammacita Harrison acting in a community production of "The Music Man..." it was good, but rather long. I just think these things shouldn't start at 8, if you ask me. Maybe I'm getting old. Dunno. It was fun, though! Made me think of when I saw the play back in high school!

Thanks for all the sweet bday wishes! :) Love my family!

My brother in law Adam & his wife Nora. Aren't they a beautiful couple?

'Course, you know Jose Pantalones had to get in on the action. ;0)

And so did we. 'Cause we crazy like that too. ;0)

Mamacita with her River City "children." Great casting job!

Group shot of my two families.

Another group shot. Poor, partially floating heads all around...

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