So THIS is what happens when you're stuck in the back of the car with a camera, not much to do, & boredom from a ride home/trip to the temple...

Warning: May contain graphic pictures. Not for the faint of heart, easily nauseated or very small children.

I'm not sure what this face is/was, but it made me laugh so hard, I kept it.

I thought this was a pretty good shot for a one-hander.
He liked looking evil & all-powerful.

My standard blowing-kisses-aka-fish-face face.

And yet more evilness. Evility? I should make up words.

My roommate & dear friend Gretel taught me so much that my mom would just hate. Go Gretel. :)


Isn't he cute? I think so.

I was exhausted from the temple trip & this is admittedly one of my worst pictures in the last while, but I was determined to get a picture of me & the Ginners.

And on the next-to-last full day of Gin & Cam's stay, Cameron finally decided to make friends with Uncle Jared. Which was fine with the rest of us, because we got a good break from entertaining.

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GP said...

Excuse me! I believe Liz should get some credit for the nose picking too. I do believe there are more pics of her then me...and scene