My latest ambitions...

My family would laugh reading this post, since I'm always changing my mind about what I want to be when I "grow up." My latest aspirations...

--Learn graphic design
--Write a novel or two
--Go to culinary school (especially hilarious if you know what a picky eater I am, but it would mainly be to be a baker/wedding cake maker)
--Learn to be a florist
--Learn nutrition (doesn't mean I necessarily follow it per se, but I do find it interesting...)
--Learn Spanish
--Take French & Russian back up

I guess I'm missing the creative side of me, after having been more on the practical side for quite a few years. Hmmm...

Things I still do NOT want to do:

--Interior design (while I find it fascinating & admire others who are good at it, I myself possess no such skill & ultimately find my attempts at interior design an exercise in frustration.)
--Budgeting or most math-related things (sigh...a necessary evil...)
--Gardening (I will mow the lawn. That's about it.)
--Teach in a public middle or high school! (Ha! Already tried that one.)

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