Happy 4th!

This year's 4th of July celebration began like any other year - with an R-Braves game set for nightfall, followed by good ol' fashioned fireworks. We were excited to go because this is the last year we'll have the Braves in Richmond. Upon arriving, we noticed it looked like rain. Then we heard some thunder. And then saw lightning. We braved it out during two relatively small downpours until finally retreating for a bit into the inner part of the stadium. Then things cleared up.

After a slight rain delay, ceremonial throwing of pitches & the national anthem, things got underway. I wasn't terribly excited to be there since I've been fighting these obnoxious headaches for the past week or more, but I was okay. I could make it through anything...or so I thought...

Aw, we're cute...ish...

Uncle Sam arrives by the sky...
(Batman & R0bin came in previously.)

Rolling back the protective huge tarp

Uncle Sam, himself

My cute parents

Pretty mom


Getting ready to play

Yummy ballpark food!

I love being the one taking the pictures.

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