Ballpark Part II

So really, the main part of the story is that we were at the game for 14 innings. FOURTEEN INNINGS, people. I mean, I really don't like baseball that much...not enough for 14 innings. I was headachy, tired & annoyed at the lame-o ump's calls (he called a balk on the pitcher twice and relied on the 3rd base ump's vision for a couple of other stupid calls...dad was pretty steamed). I wanted to watch the fireworks & go home.

Once the fireworks happened, we rushed to get out of there with a sold-out crowd of 15,000 some people, and I stubbed my toe, wound up bleeding all over my flip flop & hobbling back to the car. Yep...another Katie moment. ;)

We got home around midnight - about 7 hours after we started this journey. A fitting way to end our family tradition of going to the R-Braves games on the 4th...

What you do when you're bored...say, around the 11th inning...
(By the way, is THIS what I look like when I kiss?! Yikes!!!)

Poor, sad, indifferent Jared. ;)

Making mom laugh

Getting a little crazy in the 13th inning

Some fireworks

A pretty cool effect, I thought...

I love these kind

Another crazy effect

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

Your firework pictures turned out ALOT better than mine did! What is more american than baseball? Way to stick it out for the team!