I haven't posted much to my blog lately...hasn't been a whole lot to update, really. But for all two of you who complained (mainly the mommies), here you go:

-I started a new job before I got married, and I love it. The salary is not as great as what I made at my last company, but everyone in my new place is SO friendly & helpful. Occasionally I get bored, but overall, it's nice to not have much stress, to not work for a Nazi-esque boss (seriously, I could tell you stories), and to be able to truly leave work at work when I get home. (Plus, I have benefits again! Wheee!)

-I spend most of my nights lately attempting to help Jared with his summer school class. It's an interesting look into the current U.S. health care system, which, in both our opinions, has a lot of problems to fix. (Try mentioning this to my incredibly conservative parents...it's been interesting to talk about.) I like pontificating with J about what can, could, or should be done. I'm also really happy not to be a politician and have to advocate that kind of change all the time.

-I've been cooking more, baking more, and experimenting with more recipes. And scrapbooking. And cleaning lots. And making Jared lunches. (I've been told I'm spoiling him, but I figure 1-he's only in school for one more week, so why not, and 2-it's still the honeymoon phase, so why not.) While I'm tired when I get home, I am kind of finding joy in taking care of the domestic things. It's really interesting, especially considering where I was, mindset-wise, 10 years ago. I was such a feminist (well, as feminist as most LDS women can get, I guess), and had no desire to stay home with kids, cook ever, or clean if I had to. I guess BYU changed me, to an extent. While I had some pretty difficult experiences there, I learned about where my most powerful influence can be - on my own family. I look forward to the day when I can raise children & support my husband & serve the community. (Who knows - I might be bored & still try to find some kind of work...)

-Speaking of 10 years, my high school reunion is this year. I thought I wanted to go, but...ahhh. Just unsure I want to shell out 50 bucks to go to a winery on a Sunday night with people I haven't talked to in...10 years. (Or maybe more, thinking back now. People seem nicer & more eager to be friends with me now that we're adults.) But I'm just not sure I want to go and reminisce about who-said-what-when. The people I've wanted to see/keep in touch with from high school I have kept in touch with - even if just through occasional holiday cards. Humph. Will have to think on this.

-Being back in my home ward is so...strange. It's nice to see familiar faces, although a lot of them are gone/moved/married/grown up now (the 5 year-old primary class I taught at 19 is now 15 & serving me sacrament - Aaaaaaaaaaaaack!). But I haven't really been back since...hmmm. 2000? 1999? Something like that. I went to college, then the singles ward for almost 5 years, then the Richmond branch for 1+. (I remember feeling anxious about the branch at first, because it was so...kooky, I guess, for lack of a better word, but now I miss it. You will never find more sincere, humble or spiritual people than in a downtown city branch. I miss them, but I know we needed to make the move.) Hopefully, Gayton will grow on me in no time.

-I kind of miss the singles too. That's not to say that I can't have single friends/am dead because I'm married now, but I find myself jumping to singles' defense. For example, at church, someone in RS brought up a point about singles having more time to serve, because, well, duh, they're single...and I was ready to jump out of my chair. I had to bite my tongue. I have such a soft spot in my heart for singles, and I am truly grateful for the experiences I had to be in the singles ward & serve in that position in the branch for a little while. I knew - and still know - some amazing people with the best hearts that are single.

-Speaking of single, sometimes I still can't believe I'm married. Does that ever change? It still feels like I'm dating Jared, although obviously we live together now. Maybe it's because he's my first serious anything...and now we're married! (I guess that's a testament to those girls & guys who never think it'll happen to them, because, well, it never has happened to them...)

Okay, okay, I'm rambling. I guess it's my prerogative since it's my blog, and I'm trying to fill up time while Jared is on the other computer, typing yet another paper (this one's about working with the elderly/death and dying)...

Peace! I'll try to be better about updating. If you got through all of this, pat yourself on the back. (Whaddya want, a cookie? Come on over & I'll make you some!)

(P.S. I know I need to upload some new pics, other than the wedding ones I'm sure you're sick of...I'm working on taking some more. Have some cute ones of Samuel to upload & will take some tomorrow at a shindig & next weekend at Adam & Nora's/VA Beach. Stay tuned!)

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Julia said...

Matt and I have been married almost 3 years now, and I still make his lunch every day. :-) It isn't as weird now to think we're married--we've built such foundation,but there are those moments when I look at him and say, "Weird! You're my husband!" I wonder if that changes with kids.

Unrelated, I don't think I'm going to the reunion for pretty much every reason you stated. That would be $100 for a couple! I can think of better things to do with the money. :-)