Are you tired of these yet?
Hooray! We're to the end!

Me & Lizzie - one of my sweetest friends & best roommates of all time.
(I like to take credit for getting her together with one of my buds, who is now her husband. I hope they stay in the Gayton ward so we can hang out with them some!)

Grandma M & Aunt Sharon; Nora & Mom (my two helpers)

Ahhhhh! This was Kelly & Lindsay's present (with some other fun stuff).

I'm pouting because of the thong. Seriously. Who WEARS these things?!

Me & Grandma Myrtle. I love her.

Bekah, Nora & Marie. My sweet new Harrison family.

So Grandma Myrtle gave me (amongst other things) a fly swatter & rolling pin to chase Jared with when he's bad.
(Her words!) LOVE Grandma.

Another favorite present - a chocolate baking cookbook from Suzie.
Does that woman know me or what?!

A BEAUTIFUL piece of lingerie from sweet Nora

I think my big brother Scott was a little eeked out by me getting lingerie! :)
(He is 13 years older, after all...)

Hooray! Pyrex!

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shortino said...

who wears "these things"? hmm... i bet you could ask grandma myrtle about that! (how's that mental picture?)