On the other side of the rivah...

I had a shower thrown just this past Saturday by a sweet family friend, Kathleen Knight. I didn't know a lot of people, but it was very fun & such a nice experience! We had a cozy dinner (she makes THE best homemade rolls - YUM) & then she had mom & Marie embarrass me by telling me why they love me, a beautiful song sung to me, and an advice book on how best to survive marriage, etc. It was nice to meet new people & see old friends like Kim Bracey, Sandy Walsh, & Megan Schlensker. I love the Knight family!

Shower attendees

Posing with a spoon

AWESOME canisters from Kari Knight

More shower attendees

Kathleen & me


Shanan said...

Katie I LOVE your blog. Where on earth did you get your layout!!! Looks like you made out with lots of loot at your shower!

Kim Stinson said...

I'm trying to get in touch with Megan Schlensker. I used to be her roommate at BYU. If you have any contact information, my email address is stinson.kimberly@gmail.com, or have her email me.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!