The new "apartment"

After Jared & I get married, we are living in the newly renovated attic or the "apartment," as mom likes to call it. At first I wasn't crazy about this arrangement, but in the long run, it makes sense, since Jared is finishing school & then applying to DO schools. Here's the progress thus far...

Entryway/view in the bedroom/hallway closet

Bathroom to the right

Verrrrrrrry blurry pic of the hall closet & bedroom in the background



(One pic I left out - when you first come into the hallway, immediately to your right (before the bathroom) is a little space for the ac/heating units & storage space.)

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

New apartment-it does NOT get much better than that!!! There is a terrific DO school down in Glendale AZ. that TONS of mormon kids go to...check it out! It's called Midwestern--then you would be in my in-laws ward! Got your announcement today! YEAH!!!