Meeting the brother & his clan

Here's a nice collage of pictures from when Jared went to meet Scott & Heather & their boys. We had a nice time chatting & good dinner - I even ate salmon, mom! (Aren't you proud? For those of you who know me well, I do NOT like fish.) Christopher & Conner wanted to show off their crazy hairdos, and Jared & I posed for pictures too. We had a good time and Scott's family, according to Jared, is "really very cool." I think he was just relieved Scott didn't eat him alive or was overprotective or anything. I hope we go back for dinner again soon.


Anonymous said...

Beautimous pix!


Ginnie said...


You have GOT to stop with the wide eyes in pics. You will be very upset with your wedding album if you have pics like that! But, thanks for putting them up. The attic looks cool, too. I'm a little jealous. But not really!